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    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

    Tracking down all the hidden KONG Letters and Puzzle Pieces isn’t easy – but don’t worry, help is at hand! Read our tips below, and soon you’ll be grabbing goodies like there’s no tomorrow!

    Go left!

    Don’t just race off to the right at the start of a level: take a few steps to your left and see if there’s anything hidden just out of sight. You’ll be surprised how many devious secrets are hidden just behind you! Don’t believe us? Head left in 1-1 Jungle Hijinxs and you’ll see what we mean!


    Hold Down on the +Control Pad and push the Y Button to blow out air. Do this near lanterns, dandelion clocks, pinwheels and anything that looks like it can be blown: you never know what secrets it might reveal!

    Pick up a pal

    Some of the KONG Letters lurk in places that Donkey Kong can’t easily reach on his own. With Diddy Kong on his back – either by finding a DK Barrel when playing solo or joining forces with a friend in Local Play – you can combine both Kongs’ abilities for great effect. Get some distance by performing a Barrel Roll, then jump in mid-air and use Diddy’s Barrel Jet to hover. Master this ability and you’ll go far – literally!

    Go steady

    Stay calm when going for these collectables: if you fail the level, you’ll have to go back and collect any KONG Letters you picked up. If you’ve passed a checkpoint this might prove tricky, so always be cautious when you’re playing a level with the intention of picking up the KONG Letters: slip up and you might undo your hard work! Puzzle Pieces don’t behave like this though; any you’ve collected in a level will go into your collection when you hit the Slot Machine Barrel at the level’s end.