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    Error Message: “Points Already Collected”


    • You are unable to register a physical game card on Nintendo Switch.
    • Error Message: "My Nintendo points have already been collected for this software".

    Possible Solutions:

    This means that the game card you are currently trying to register has already been registered for My Nintendo points. Each game card can only be redeemed one time.

    • Try registering the game again on your Nintendo Switch console.
    • Check for "Purchases" ("Got a new game or other content") in your My Nintendo points history to see if you may have already registered it in your account.
    • Check with other members of the household to see if they may have already registered it.
    • If the game was pre-owned, the previous owner may have registered it already. We are not able to replace points for previously purchased software.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    If you purchased the game new and the Gold Points aren't appearing in the My Nintendo account for you or anyone in your household, we will need to research your issue further. Please contact us for additional assistance.