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    Power pack for Game Boy Pocket & Game Boy Color

    Two (almost) identical power packs with model number MGB-005 (EUR) are available. They are used for both Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. The cable is about 3 m long.


    This is only a power pack and not a rechargeable battery set.

    The power packs consist of a black box with...

    • a thin cable with a small plug, which is plugged into Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Color, and
    • a thicker cable with the power plug for the socket.

    The differences are:

    • The original packaging: one has a Game Boy Pocket logo, while the other has a Game Boy Color logo.
    • The sticker on the power pack itself (see below), and
    • the plug plugged into the Game Boy. In the Game Boy Pocket model it is bent, while in the Game Boy Color model it is straight.

    Technical data:

    • Input: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
    • Output: 3 V DC, 300 mA
    • Total cable length: approx. 3 m