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Original Nintendo Accessories

Original Nintendo Accessories are products sold by Nintendo directly.

You can recognise original and licensed (made by authorised manufacturers) accessories, which are generally tested by Nintendo, by two things that appear on the packaging and/or instructions.

  1. The gold "Original Nintendo Seal of Quality". This consists of a cross with golden edges and a white space on which the phrase appears in gold letters. The company name is also written in the style of our logo. In addition at the bottom right-hand edge of the seal you can read the letters "TM" in very small writing.
  2. The words "Licensed by (the Trademark of) Nintendo ...".
    This sentence does not appear on Nintendo's own products.

We can accept no liability for errors or defects that occur in the Nintendo unit due to unlicensed accessories. This means that any essential repairs will be charged.

Game Boy Accessories

  • Battery set
  • Battery set II 
  • Dialogue cable
  • Dialogue cable adapter
  • Four Player Adapter
  • Game Boy Camera
  • Game Boy Printer
  • Game Boy Printer Paper
  • Headphones (stereo)
  • Light Max & Light Max 2
  • Mains adapter for Game Boy Pocket/Game Boy Color
  • Games advisor
  • Universal Game Link Cable
  • Universal Game Link Cable set