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    Game Boy Printer

    The Game Boy Printer is a thermo-printer that prints photographs taken with the Game Boy Camera, or from games compatible with the Game Boy Printer.

    A small chip in the printer is controlled by pulses that come from the camera/the game, thus creating various temperatures. These temperatures, in turn, shade the points heated on the special paper into various shades of gray, creating the image.

    You can recognize games and accessory parts suitable for the Game Boy Printer with the statement "Game Boy Printer compatible" on the corresponding symbol.

    The Game Boy Printer can be connected to  a Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advane, Game Boy Advance SP or Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player.

    The Game Boy Printer is supplied with the Universal Game Link cable and a roll of printer paper.


    • Switch off the Game Boy and the Game Boy Printer before connecting the machines to each other.
    • Connect the Game Boy Printer only to one Game Boy, otherwise errors might occur.
    • The Game Boy Printer can be connected to a Game Boy (EXT.) where a Game Boy Camera is inserted via the connecting socket "EXT.IN" using a Universal Game Link cable (comes with the printer).
    • The connecting socket for the link cable on the Game Boy Printer "EXT.IN" corresponds to the size of the link cable connecting socket of the Game Pocket (small)
    • Never use new and used batteries together, or use different kinds of batteries.
    • When inserting batteries, make sure that the positive (+) and the negative (-) poles of the respective battery go to the right direction!
    • Do not use rechargable batteries. Rechargable batteries can break down after a somewhat shorter period and the positive poles are rounded differently compared to those of disposable batteries. This can lead to contact difficulties in the battery compartment and cause malfunction.
    • If the batteries are empty, the Game Boy Printer may no longer function perfectly, although the system panel is still lit up. If this happens, switch off the printer and insert new batteries.


    Technical data:

    • Resolution: 160 x 144 pixels
    • Power supply: 6 AA alkaline batteries
    • Power consumption:
      • Standby: about 30 hours of operating life
      • Continuous printing: about 2 hours of operating life
      • Note: The service life of the batteries is also dependent on the brightness setting in the menu (exposure) in compatible games

    • Print: On special thermo-sticker rolls, 100 to 180 pictures per roll
    • Size of print: including frame, about 27 x 23 mm