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Warranty - Game Boy Micro hardware

Nintendo Europe guarantees that this product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship at the time of sale for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase within the European Economic Area:
Should this not be the case, Nintendo will offer the purchaser a choice between repair or replacement of the defective product free of charge. Nintendo will not accept any other claims in respect of this guarantee. In particular, claims for damages are not valid under the guarantee.
The guarantee is void if the damage has been caused by careless treatment, unreasonable use, alteration, inappropriate repair or other use not in accordance with the instructions provided by Nintendo by the purchaser and/or any third party. The guarantee also does not apply to damage accidentally caused to the product.
It is explicitly stated that this guarantee shall be honoured in addition to any statutory guarantee obligation to the purchaser as the consumer on the part of the retailer from whom the product was purchased. These statutory claims shall in no way be restricted by the guarantee hereby provided by Nintendo.

Where the 12-month warranty period has expired or the fault is not covered by the guarantee, Nintendo of Europe GmbH may possibly accept the product for repair or replacement.

Where a replacement is granted, you will be provided with a technically and visually perfect replacement unit or accessory. Any replaced or repaired product will carry a new guarantee from Nintendo of Europe GmbH.

If a replacement or repair is carried out under guarantee, the process will take approx. 3 weeks including postage.

Nintendo products repaired or replaced under warranty will be returned to you at no additional cost. Repairs for which a charge is made should be paid in full before the repair or replacement will take effect.

In the case of problems with products from licence holders (see FAQs, 'Licencees and Licence Holders'), please contact the relevant retailer.

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