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    Product information

    The Game Boy Micro is only 100 x 50 x 18 millimetres and weighs 85 grammes. So the Game Boy Micro easily competes with MP3 players or new generation mobile phones in the electronic light weight class.

    The device, which plays all Game Boy Advance titles, is superlative in two ways. The smallest video game console in the world is also the most fashionable one. The basic version is available in the following metallic colours: "pink", "green", "blue" and "silver".

    The 2 inch screen with background lighting provides clear and amazingly sharp graphics in any environment - both indoors and outdoors. And since you can connect any standard headphones easily to the unit, you are guaranteed splendid sound.

    Game Boy Micro also means: minimum size with maximum fun. Its powerful lithium ion battery guarantees 10 hours of playing fun.

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