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    Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable

    The Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable enables you to connect several Game Boy Micro units to each other if the selected Game Boy Advance game supports the so-called multiplayer mode (can be seen from the relevant symbol on the packaging).

    In certain types of game only one of the connected devices must have a Game Pak plugged in, while other types of game require each player to have a Game Pak inserted. For further information please see the section about Single-Pak and Multi-Pak multiplayer games in the FAQ on Game Boy Advance.

    Where several devices are to be connected, the appropriate number of Game Boy Micro Game Link Cables and, where required, the appropriate number of (identical or compatible) multi-player games are required.

    How to connect the Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable:

    • All systems must be switched off.
    • For a Multi-Pak game, place Game Paks (all of the same game) in the Game Pak Slot of each system. For a Single-Pak game, place the Game Pak in player one's Game Pak Slot.
    • Then, connect the Game Boy Micro Game Link Cables together (if more than two Game Boy Micro systems are to be connected together) and then connect these to the Game Boy Micro sockets.
    • Always connect the plug without the plastic tongue to the "EXT" socket on the Game Boy Micro of player 1.

    For 3 or 4 players please also note the following:

    • The plugs without plastic tongues of the cables of players 3 and 4 should be connected to the Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable via a connection box.
    • Always connect the plugs with plastic tongues to the "EXT." port of the units of players 3 and 4.
    • Switch on all systems.
    • See the instructions supplied with the game for further information.

    The cable length is approximately 0.8 m.