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Playing time is too short


  • Playing time depends on the quality of the batteries.
  • We recommend the use of alkaline batteries.
  • Another playing time factor is whether you play with or without sound, since battery consumption increases with the sound switched on.
  • Playing time also varies depending on which game is being played - this can also make a difference to battery consumption.

Advice on the use of rechargeable batteries:

  • Compared with disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries can fail more quickly, and their positive poles are shaped differently. This can lead to contact problems in the battery compartment, resulting in loss of game data, games crashing and screens malfunctioning.
  • The voltage of a rechargeable battery is usually only about 1.2 V. The requirement, however, is 1.5 V, so the voltage might be insufficient to run the Game Boy Advance, or your game could abort suddenly.
  • However, if rechargeable batteries are used in the Game Boy Advance, note that they must be removed from the Game Boy Advance before being charged.

You should first check if the Game Boy Advance runs properly on normal disposable batteries, and replace the batteries if necessary.

  • If this doesn't solve the problem, please send us your Game Boy Advance for repair or replacement.