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    LCD breakage (display is broken)

    If the Game Boy Advance display looks as if the colour has run out - even with the device switched off - this is what is called 'LCD breakage'.

    This fault can only occur because of an external force, such as the device falling or being knocked. The breakage can also be caused by the effect of great heat or cold, or a rapid change of extreme temperatures in the device.

    The break frequently becomes noticeable only during normal playing operation, since the external effect first causes hairline cracks on the LCD pane. When the liquid crystal in the LCD is constantly redistributed during the course of the game, the tension becomes too great and the display is broken.

    LCD breakage is a defect which can only occur due to one's own negligence. Individual faults occur when equipment, accessories or games are handled in an improper manner. In this case, the warranty expires and repairs or an exchange will be liable to costs.

    Please send us your Game Boy Advance for replacement, with costs.