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    Battery fluid has leaked

    The following can be possible causes of a battery leak:

    • The battery expiry date has run out.
    • The batteries have been incorrectly stored, e.g. in the sun.
    • Empty batteries have been left in the Game Boy Advance for a long time.

    This is a defect which can only occur due to one's own negligence. These faults occur when equipment, accessories or games are handled in an improper manner.. In this case, the warranty expires and repairs or an exchange will be liable to costs.

    • Please send us your Game Boy Advance for repair or replacement, with costs.

    If this defect arises during the warranty period and with the batteries that came with the device at the time of purchase, we will replace it at no cost. Please state this clearly in your accompanying letter. In this case you need to send us the Game Boy Advance, the batteries and a copy of your note of purchase.