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    Technical data

    Main processor (CPU):

    32-bit CPU with integrated memory


    82 x 144.5 x 24.5mm


    Approx. 140g

    Power supply:

    2 AA batteries

    Playing time:

    Approx. 15 hours

    Screen type:

    High-resolution TFT screen (TFT = Thin Film Transistor)

    Screen dimensions:

    40.8mm x 61.2mm

    Displayable colours:

    32,768 displayable colours

    511 colours displayed simultaneously in character mode

    32,768 colours displayed simultaneously in Bitmap mode

    Screen resolution:

    240 x 160 pixels

    Game paks:


    Volume control:


    Headphone connection:


    Two-way cable connection:


    Key features:

    Battery charge LED-display (with alternating colours, green to red)

    PCM sound reception (stereo headphone sound)

    Compatible with virtually all Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color games

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