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Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance defines a generation of portable gaming. It has a 32-bit processor, which has been developed by the British firm ARM Ltd. The handheld's screen is 40.8mm x 61.2mm in size and can display 32,768 possible colours; 511 colours in character mode and 32,768 colours in bitmap mode can be displayed simultaneously. The TFT-Colour LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) has a resolution of 240 x 160 pixels. The PCM sound reception provides a thrilling sound experience. Last but by no means least, up to four Game Boy Advance players can experience multi-player action by connecting to the main Game Boy Advance system via a special cable.

Naturally, the Game Boy Advance can be played virtually anywhere, as it is operated independently from a television or power supply, and it offers something for every age and taste thanks to its interchangeable Game Paks. In addition, almost all previous Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles can be played on the Game Boy Advance.

Together, the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube are even more powerful. These pioneering gaming systems not only surpass everything previously available, but combine to create a new form of interactive entertainment. Games exist which allow data exchange between systems and gaming - so the portable Game Boy Advance could be used as an input device for the Nintendo GameCube, depending on the software.

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