Important information: the Nintendo Zone service will be discontinued in Europe on Wednesday, March 28th 2018. Thank you for using the Nintendo Zone service.

Nintendo Zones are public hotspots that allow you to connect your Nintendo 3DS family system to the internet without the need for any login or connection settings. Visit a Nintendo Zone to access exclusive content, such as special demo versions and in-game items, pick up special Puzzle Swap panels for StreetPass Mii Plaza, or encounter more Mii characters with the StreetPass relay service!


Whenever a Nintendo Zone is available, you can access the Nintendo Zone viewer application from the Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu. With the Nintendo Zone viewer, it’s possible to view bonus content such as minigames, quizzes and more. During promotional periods, you can even get download codes for special demo versions, downloadable videos, Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu Themes and more!


At certain times, Nintendo Zones also give you the chance to download free in-game content, such as furniture for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Such in-game content can be accessed via SpotPass, or you might be able to receive a password to enter in your game through the Nintendo Zone viewer.

The StreetPass relay service allows you to receive StreetPass data from up to 6 other Nintendo 3DS owners who have passed a Nintendo Zone location – even if they’re not there at the same time! You can meet more Mii characters than ever this way, and you might even receive data from a user from an entirely different area. Special in-game items can be distributed via the StreetPass relay service, too.

Whenever a Nintendo 3DS family system connects to a Nintendo Zone, it’ll receive StreetPass data from the Nintendo Zone’s previous visitor. In addition, your own StreetPass data is automatically uploaded to the Nintendo Zone, ready to be transferred to the next person that passes by with their Nintendo 3DS.

There’s no complicated set-up involved – just visit a Nintendo Zone hotspot with wireless on and your Nintendo 3DS family system can connect all by itself. However, please note that your Nintendo 3DS family system must have system version 6.2.0-12E or newer installed to be able to use this service. For more information on system updates, please visit our Support section.

The content on offer at Nintendo Zones is changing all the time, so be sure to visit often so you don’t miss out!

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