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  • Submit tournament

    Apply for a tournament licence

    Submit your tournament to receive a tournament licence and to be featured on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Portal.

    • Community Licence

      Apply for a Community Licence here.

      A Community Licence should be considered for tournaments fitting the following criteria:

      • Number of participants is between 32 and 140
      • Tournament abides by the Terms and Conditions of the Community Licence Agreement
      • No sponsors, expect for physical equipment sponsors

      In case your event does not fit the above criteria, please apply for an Individual Licence.

      Please note: requests can take up to 15 business days to be processed.

    • Individual Licence

      Apply for an Individual Licence here.

      An Individual Licence should be considered for tournaments that do not adhere to the Community Licence criteria such as:

      • Tournaments with over 140 participants
      • Tournaments with sponsors for more than physical equipment

      Please note: Individual Licence requests are not guaranteed a reply.