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Welcome to Nintendo Direct! Find out all the latest Nintendo news right here! Start by watching our main video of Satoru Iwata presenting to the Japanese market on Feb 22nd, 2012. Our subtitled video delivers the most important updates and news for Europe and gives you an insight into what to expect in coming months.

Our supplementary videos on the right deliver all sorts of extra content on current and upcoming titles for Europe and you can follow updates on our European Twitter feeds by clicking on the link just under the videos!

Also under the video player you can access lots more European information, including further details on some of the games you can expect to see soon!

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You can watch all European-related videos in the player above and catch up on extra information by checking out the links below!

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European schedule

Check out all European release plans for upcoming titles and more right here!

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Mario Kart 7

Find out more about the official Nintendo of Europe Community for Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS!

Link to press release



Find out all you need to know on the background of this superb new fighting game for Nintendo 3DS with Iwata Asks. Available for now only in English.

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

Find out more about this spooky horror game with Augmented Reality elements for Nintendo 3DS.

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Project Zero 2: Wii Edition

Take on malevolent spirits armed with just a flashlight and a very special camera - Project Zero is coming to Wii in Europe!

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Iwata Asks: Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Find out more about this finger-snapping, toe-tapping release for 2012 with our Iwata Asks!

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Dillon's Rolling Western

Step into the dusty boots of an armadillo on a mission in Nintendo 3DS download software at its most action-packed!

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European games release schedule

Go straight to the European games release schedule here!

Link to schedule pdf (PDF, 69 kB)


Nintendogs demo

Scan the QR Code on the left and try out the Nintendogs + cats demo from Nintendo eShop now!

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Kid Icarus: Uprising

A classic Nintendo franchise returns with a vibrant redesign for Nintendo 3DS - are you ready for the power of flight?

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