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  • Pre-order LIVE A LIVE on My Nintendo Store and receive free Collectable Character Cards!


    Many heroes, many stories, many lives to live! LIVE A LIVE comes to Nintendo Switch on July 22nd and is available to pre-order now on My Nintendo Store!

    Those who pre-order on My Nintendo Store, including those who have already done so, will also receive free Collectable Character Cards! Pre-order items are limited and strictly subject to availability.


    Meet many heroes, each with their own unique abilities and lives to live across different time periods. Experience their stories in any order you choose, uncovering shocking developments along the way.

    Featuring remastered music from original composer Yoko Shimomura and produced by Takashi Tokita (the director of the original Super Famicom version), LIVE A LIVE on Nintendo Switch brings the game to the west for the first time, resurrected with the same stunning HD-2D graphics used in TRIANGLE STRATEGY and OCTOPATH TRAVELER.

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    Discover more about the game at the LIVE A LIVE page.