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  • Another Crab’s Treasure, Ooblets, Mini Motorways and more featured in the latest Indie World showcase


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    Watch the latest Indie World showcase to find out more about freshly arrived indie games and upcoming indie titles headed to Nintendo Switch!

    Grow adorable pals in the blossoming farming sim Ooblets, become a master road designer in Mini Motorways, dive into an underwater soulslike crabtacular in Another Crab’s Treasure, and much more. There’s plenty for indie game fans to look forward to on Nintendo Switch!

    Don’t forget to check out the games and demos you can play today.

    Things you can do right now!

    Is there a particular indie game that peaked your interest during the presentation? You can access, manage and add games to your Nintendo Switch Wish List via this website, so you'll get a heads up via email whenever a game on your list releases or goes on sale.

    For more information about the games featured in this presentation and many other indie titles available on Nintendo Switch, check out our Indie World hub.