Surprise squids, break-time rocket cars, and the joy of motion - Player’s Voice Inbox May 2018


At the start of every month we share the best fan messages that land in the UK Player’s Voice inbox. From broad explanations about entire games, to laser focused examples of exemplary moments, we love finding out what the Nintendo gamers of the UK are enjoying on their Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS family systems, and then sharing them with the world! To learn more about how to contact us, and what you can win, please read the Player's Voice competition article.

Now that you know what’s going on, here are the top letters we received throughout April 2018:

Joining the Splatoon 2 community by George Williams (CyberGW)

"I loved the original Splatoon on Wii U, so naturally the sequel was an instant buy. The pure mechanics of the game are so intuitive, fun and unique, meaning I just never seem to get bored of it, especially with the constant supply of updates.

Since then, I have managed to join my first ever competitive team, the Squinklings, and compete at ESL opens and eSportsHub leagues. I'm now also competing for my home town Manchester in the Nintendo Players UK Squid League. I've had so much fun in all these competitions and got to meet so many great people through it, it's really been a blast.

Competing in my hobbies is something I've always wanted to do more of, and I'm so pleased the Nintendo Switch has opened up these opportunities for me! I can't wait to see what other tournaments are coming up in the future."

An unexpected Splatoon 2 co-worker by Sunil Bhatoy

"I have heavily enjoyed my Nintendo Switch, it’s easily one of the best gaming systems I have ever owned. One particular title has had me hooked, and its name is Splatoon 2.

I am a University student and during a break between my lectures I decided to bring out my Nintendo Switch and enjoy the intense action of Splatoon 2’s single player campaign mode. There I am, splatting foes and finding secrets when out of the blue I hear a voice. Someone else has spotted me playing my Switch and came over to find out what I am so engaged with. I delightfully show him my screen and their face lights up with joy. To my surprise, this new friend then pulls out a Nintendo Switch of their own! He himself was a big fan of Splatoon 2 and so the two of us begin an adventure playing Salmon Run. We play on the hardest difficulty we can and attempt to survive the onslaught of creatures. We played using all the skill we could muster but alas, we never could beat the final wave. Even in loss, we laughed and enjoyed our game. We have since vowed to improve so that one day, we can return to claim victory for ourselves!"

The mighty, motion controlled DOOM by Martin Flanagan

"My son has had his own Nintendo Switch, courtesy of Santa, since Christmas, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got my own... Well I finally joined the club in March and the first game I downloaded from the Nintendo eShop was the mighty DOOM!

Being a Nintendo-only gamer I missed this originally and I was delighted to right this wrong on my new favourite console. DOOM is fast and brutal, to stay still really is death, it's intense & exhilarating every time you jump in – I guarantee it will get your blood pumping. The recent update adding motion controls is the icing on this particularly gory cake, they work fantastically, and to anyone who played it on Nintendo Switch prior to the latest update I would absolutely recommend going back for a whole new experience. It's quite stunning playing DOOM on the go and I am absolutely loving it. I haven't even tried the online multiplayer yet. Happy gaming everyone!"

Rocket League®, the boredom buster by Sam Hughes

"Rocket League: My favourite game where you fly around in jet-propelled cars hitting a giant football into a goal that causes fireworks to explode over the field. It sounds ridiculous, but trust me when I say this is great for group multiplayer online and offline alike. I have had wondrous experiences playing Rocket League with my friends at school, which is only possible thanks to the Nintendo Switch. We have played loads of rounds of 2v2 games locally, on all different modes and using dozens of different combinations of cars. Breaktimes at school used to be a bore, but now, thanks to Rocket League and the Nintendo Switch, I have never had a better lunchtime than eating food, playing Rocket League and spending time with my friends!

I recommend this game to anyone who has friends to play with offline and locally, or online, especially as it supports cross platform play, making it easier to play than ever!"

Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle will not defeat me! By Luke G

"One of my favourite games from last year was Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

I got addicted the moment I started playing, and more addicted the further I got into the game. It's such a fun game and has really well done strategic gameplay. The cutscenes are brilliantly done as well, the animation quality is top notch, two scenes in particular with the third main boss are literally the best parts of the entire game. The humour is simple, but good, there are just a lot of moments where you're like "oh wow", at least to me, there's a lot of amusing things in this game.

The difficulty of the game is also quite hard a lot of the time which I kinda like, a challenge is always good, although it was very frustrating. I still need to complete the game actually, there are ultimate challenges that are unlocked when you beat the final boss, I took a sneak peak at the first one and it looked liked insanity, but I shall not be defeated!"

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