Update from the Squid Research Lab – new amiibo, stages and weapons on the way!


Attention, Inklings! It’s time for an update from our team of devoted investigators at the Squid Research Lab.

They’re always making exciting new discoveries about Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch, so if you want to stay up-to-date on all their fascinating findings, be sure to follow our Twitter account and like the official Splatoon Facebook page.

Off the Hook amiibo ink-coming!

Later this year, you’ll be able to get your tentacles on new amiibo of Pearl and Marina, the dynamic duo currently burning up the Inkling music charts – when they’re not hosting Inkopolis News or promoting the latest Splatfest…

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The Pearl and Marina amiibo feature realistic squid-like texture, and their famous flowing hairstyles! Our researchers are still digging away at the finer deets, and we’ll provide an update as soon as we receive the intel.

New stages are on the way!

Goby Arena is a brand new stage set within a basketball court. It’s a state-of-the-art stadium, complete with a huge overhead monitor, food court, VIP seating, and even a souvenir shop!

There’s a hoop at each end of the court – no matter if you’re playing Turf Wars or a fierce Ranked Battle, bringing these two hoops under your team's control can give you a serious strategic advantage. Goby Arena will be added to Splatoon 2 soon, and there are more stages on the way. Stay tuned…

More weapons!

Thanks to the four ink-spraying nozzles on the new Dark Tetra Dualies, you can perform up to four dodge rolls in a row, and even shoot while rolling! They’ll be added to Splatoon 2 soon.

They’re just one in a long line of new weapons that are regularly being added! Still rocking that bog-standard Splattershot? Be sure to check in with Sheldon at Ammo Knights regularly for the latest haps.

Splatoon 2 is available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch now.