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  • Meet some of the cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 2


    Ready for your Xenoblade Chronicles 2 adventure? The gigantic RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 1st, but before then you might want to meet some of the characters you’ll meet on your journey!

    First up, if you didn’t watch the recent Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Direct just yet, a trailer introduced a bunch of characters from the game. Take a look:

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    You’ll notice that the trailer was in Japanese. That’s because you’ll be able to play the game with either English or Japanese voiceover, thanks to free downloadable content available from launch!*

    Without further delay, let’s say “hi” to a few of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s characters.



    Rex is a young Driver bursting with vitality who used to work as a salvager, scavenging useful resources from beneath the Cloud Sea. Since meeting Pyra everything has changed, and the future of the world now depends on him…



    Pyra is the fire-wielding Blade who fights alongside Rex. Together, they are trying to make it to Elysium, the birthplace of all humanity. She also happens to be a sacred Blade known as the Aegis, and there’s no shortage of people who seek to make her power their own.



    Nia is very energetic and headstrong, and she isn’t afraid to give the others in the party a piece of her mind. She particularly enjoys arguing with Rex. That's not just a fancy hairdo, y'know – those are Nia's real ears!



    As Nia’s Blade, the noble Dromarch has been her constant companion and helper since childhood. Despite his appearance, he can communicate normally with Nia and the rest of the party. He calls Nia “my lady”, which makes him sound a bit like a butler.



    It's Tora, Rex's Nopon sideki- uh, friend! He's a mechanically-gifted boy who's long dreamed of becoming a Driver. Sadly, he lacks the aptitude to become a Driver himself, but he does have a back-up plan…



    Tora built an artificial Blade, Poppi, to fulfil his goal of becoming a Driver! Obviously, she speaks fluent Nopon. Her powerful metallic body is crafted out of a lifetime of Tora’s hopes and dreams!



    Jin leads the secretive group, Torna, who are in search of the Aegis. He appears cool and composed on the outside, but conceals a burning resolve within. He'll do whatever it takes to achieve his goals...



    Torna's number two is Malos, a big guy with a wild temper. He's a top Driver, and pretty scary on the battlefield – as you can probably tell just from looking at him!

    Want to know more? Check out the official Xenoblade Chronicles 2 website, our Nintendo Switch Facebook page and our Twitter account, and keep your eyes peeled closer to launch for even more information!

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    Game text will be available in English with English and Japanese voiceovers.