10 awesome things to Capture in Super Mario Odyssey


Super Mario Odyssey is an epic adventure full of surprises, out now on Nintendo Switch! It sees the introduction of a new character, Cappy, a resident of the Cap Kingdom who’s taken the form of Mario’s trademark red hat.

By making use of Cappy’s amazing ability to Capture enemies, Mario can do all sorts of things! Let’s take a look at just 10 of the enemies and objects you can Capture in Super Mario Odyssey!


Goombas are an absolute classic Mario enemy and can be Captured by Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. As you can see, once Captured they have a fetching moustache and wear Mario’s famous cap! You might think a lowly Goomba wouldn’t be of much use but these guys can stack up on top of each other to create formidable Goomba towers, which are great for wooing any bystanders.



Yep, Mario can even Capture a T-Rex! This tyrant lives up to its name and can destroy all kinds of things! It’s just as fun as it looks!


Cheep Cheep

Capturing a Cheep Cheep allows Mario to move around freely underwater. You don’t need to worry about breathing so you can take your time exploring!



Looking to add a bit more firepower to Mario? Well thanks to Cappy you can! Simply chuck him onto a roaming Sherm and you can take aim at your enemies and wreak devastation from a distance!



Uproots are cute little guys you’ll find larking about in the Wooded Kingdom. Watch out though, they can cause Mario damage if you get too close. Thankfully you can Capture them and if you do you’re able to use their abilities! Uproots can reach high spots with their long, elastic legs and even break blocks and objects with their round, bouncy bodies. Neat!



Here’s a new character called Moe-Eye. They’re sporting special glasses that not only look great but allow you to see things that are normally invisible! Moe-Eye sees all!


Chain Chomp

Capturing a Chain Chomp gives you some significant firepower. As you can see below, you can Capture one, pull back and release it, sending it flying and crashing into breakable rubble.


Tropical Wiggler

Capture a Tropical Wiggler and you’ll be able to reach places you couldn’t before! Also you’ll look very colourful. It’s a good look for Mario, no?



This is Glydon, a new character in Super Mario Odyssey. If you Capture him, you can jump from high-up areas and glide through the air!


Lava Bubbles

Having trouble with the hot lava in the Luncheon Kingdom? Fear not, these Lava Bubbles can be Captured allowing Mario to move gracefully through the lava as if it was merely a nice warm bath. Good job, Mario!


Bullet Bill

Okay, we said 10 and this is technically 11 but we can’t finish the list without including Bullet Bill! It’s just so fun to fly around with him. By pressing the Y Button or shaking the Joy-Con you can move even faster!


So there you have it. What are your favourite things to Capture in Super Mario Odyssey? We've barely scratched the surface here so we hope you enjoy discovering all the others!

Super Mario Odyssey is available now on Nintendo Switch. Discover the game at the official Super Mario Odyssey website. You can learn more about Nintendo Switch at the official website.