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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: feast your eyes on the sub weapons of Splatoon 2


    As you know, Splatoon 2 comes to Nintendo Switch on July 21st, and features loads of weapons to get to grips with. In fact, we’ve literally just done a report on them! Each weapon comes with a sub weapon that you can charge up and unleash upon your foes. Mastering them allows you to turn around any Turf War!

    Let’s delve into some of the sub weapons you’ll be able to try:

    Toxic Mist

    This new sub weapon is called Toxic Mist. Once thrown, opponents caught in the mist move slower and their ink is slightly reduced. The longer you’re in the mist, the stronger the effect becomes.


    This new sub weapon is the Autobomb. As its name implies, once thrown, it will automatically start walking toward a nearby opponent. When it approaches its target, it stops and goes KERSPLAT!

    Point Sensor

    This handy sub weapon is the Point Sensor. If thrown near opponents, it will mark them temporarily, revealing their location to your teammates. Go get ‘em, gang!

    Ink Mine

    This is the Ink Mine sub weapon. Basically, it’s a trap that you place on the ground. When an opponent gets close, it activates, revealing their location to your teammates. You can place up to two at once.


    The Sprinker sub weapon can attach to the ground or walls and spray ink. It operates at full power when placed but gradually gets weaker. You can place one at a time.

    Curling Bomb

    Once deployed, the Curling Bomb slides gracefully across the ground, bouncing off walls until it eventually explodes!


    In a previous research update we dived into some of the brand new special weapons in Splatoon 2 and we’ve now discovered new information on another one: Ink Storm. All you need to do is throw this device to create a cloud that rains ink down onto the battlefield! The cloud gradually moves away from where the device was thrown, causing havoc in its path.

    Did we miss anything? Ah! We can also confirm that the Squid Beakon and Splash Wall sub weapons will also appear in Splatoon 2. We also believe there may be other weapons and devices that haven’t been discovered yet. Our work here at the Squid Research Lab is never done.

    Don’t forget that Splatoon 2 launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21st! You can find out more about the upcoming release at the recently updated Splatoon 2 website, and be sure to follow the Splatoon Facebook page for more updates from us.