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  • Treehouse Live charge into battle in Fire Emblem Warriors


    Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe collide in Fire Emblem Warriors, coming this autumn to Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. During E3 2017, Nintendo Treehouse Live showcased the Nintendo Switch version of the game. You can watch the video in full below.

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    Fire Emblem Warriors is an action-adventure game where you play through a brand new kingdom and story that features heroes from various games in the illustrious Fire Emblem series, like Xander of Fire Emblem Fates fame, and Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

    The gameplay shown on the Treehouse Live stage showed plenty of swordfighters in action, but the final game will feature various types of weapons for you to wield, each one having their own advantages and disadvantages against enemies.

    The weapons triangle is a well-known staple in Fire Emblem games, and it’s been incorporated into the battle system in Fire Emblem Warriors, too. Your character’s weapon effectiveness is indicated by an arrow above an enemy’s head, so you’ll need to think tactically when selecting which heroes will take on certain enemies.

    You’ll also be able to give commands to your army via the map to help stay in control of the situation. What’s more, you can easily switch between the various heroes on the battlefield, allowing you to provide aid where it’s needed most!

    For those of you who’ve played a Fire Emblem game before, you’ll likely know about the support system where two units can team up to provide assistance in battle. This feature is also present in Fire Emblem Warriors – you can pair up with other heroes and unleash devastating combos and special attacks!

    The Treehouse team also jumped into Colosseum mode, which has a more one-on-one focus where you must defeat a set number of heroes before completing the stage. Of course, this mode still has waves of enemies for you to take down, too!


    At the end of the presentation, two new amiibo were shown off that will be compatible with Fire Emblem Warriors. In fact, all Fire Emblem amiibo will be compatible with the game. We’ll have more to share on their functionality in the future, so stay tuned!

    Fire Emblem Warriors comes to Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS in autumn 2017. Discover more about it at the Fire Emblem Warriors gamepage and learn more about the Fire Emblem series at our Fire Emblem hub.