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  • Flight or Invisibility? The next Splatfest starts on September 2nd in Splatoon 2!


    Splatoon 2 has a new Splatfest is on the horizon, and with it comes another tough question: which superpower would you rather have, Flight or Invisibility?

    It’s all set to start at 15:00 BST on September 2nd and ends at 15:00 BST on September 3rd, with the results being revealed by Pearl and Marina shortly afterwards.


    Already made up your mind? You can pick a side in-game right now! Just fly on over to the voting terminal in Inkopolis Square, choose a side and pick up your Splatfest Tee.

    That Splatfest Tee is pretty important, actually. You can work on filling its ability slots beforehand by playing in regular Turf Wars so that you’re already at your best when the Splatfest starts. The Mayo vs Ketchup Splatfest was a close one, so every advantage you can get will be well appreciated by your team!

    Super Sea Snails are awarded after the results are in depending on how you performed and whether your team won or not. These can be used to upgrade your gear, all you need to do is head to Murch in Inkopolis Square and have a little chat with him. He’s pretty keen on Super Sea Snails.


    Choosing Team Flight won’t allow you to fly, nor will joining Team Invisible make you transparent. It’s all hypothetical, we’re afraid. Good luck out there, Inklings!

    New to Splatoon 2? Find out more about the game at the official Splatoon 2 website and keep up with all the updates at the Splatoon Facebook page, where the Squid Research Lab publish their discoveries.

    Splatoon 2 is available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch now.