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  • Which furniture is best? What’s the catchiest K.K. song? Animal Crossing developers let us know what they think!


    The Welcome amiibo update is out now for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! This free* software update includes loads of extra features like amiibo support, a brand new campground area where animals can visit, an amiibo Camera to take snaps with your favourite animal friends and a pair of additional games!

    Last time, we talked with general producer Katsuya Eguchi and Animal Crossing series producer Hisashi Nogami about their favourite things in the software update, and they’ve returned to answer some quick-fire questions on a range of vital issues. Bug catching or fishing? Kapp’n or K.K.? Find out below!

    Nintendo of Europe: Thanks for joining us again. Today we have some quick-fire questions about Animal Crossing for you. Do you have a favourite furniture series?

    Katsuya Eguchi: I like the robo series.

    Hisashi Nogami: Classic series and rococo series for me. I’m the opposite of Mr Eguchi. (laughs) I’m a bit of a classy type. We are a contrasting couple here! A contrasting pair!


    NoE: What’s the catchiest K.K. song?

    KE: Hmm, Go K.K. Rider!

    HN: K.K. Jazz!

    NoE: At special times, like on your birthday, do you check in with your town?

    KE: Well, it’s not that I go because it is my birthday, no. It’s the other way around, I go to my town and then it happens to be my birthday! I’m like, “Oh! It’s my birthday!” (laughs)

    NoE: Do you keep your towns tidy?

    KE: If I find old grass I’ll clean it up, but it may be a while before I do it. I may plant a lot of flowers and then notice later on that they died out. (laughs) Don’t follow my example. You should go check it out more often than me!


    NoE: Tom Nook – friend or foe?

    KE: I never thought of him as an enemy. He’s a friend!

    NoE: What’s your preference: fishing or bug catching?

    HN: Tricky question…I think I like catching insects.

    KE: If I had to pick, I would choose fishing. I mean, I like both, but I would go with fishing if I had to pick.

    NoE: If you had to escape a desert island, like in Desert Island Escape, which of the animals would you take along?

    KE: I would take one of the gorillas. They’re very strong. If an enemy comes, it’ll beat them up. (laughs)

    HN: I’d go with Isabelle. She can identify various items and help out.

    NoE: She’s very organised and clever!

    HN: She’ll find items and then get them.

    NoE: Just ask her to build the raft… Do you prefer to send or receive gifts?

    HN: I like to give.

    KE: I like to receive! But in the end I often give more than I get.


    NoE: Who’s the best singer, Kapp’n or K.K.?

    HN: By far, K.K. Sorry Kapp’n! (laughs) The style of them singing is completely different, though, so you can’t really compare.

    KE: I would go with Kapp’n. He’s unpredictable. It’s a series of surprises. It’s something I just want to keep hearing. It’s a sort of rock-rap!

    NoE: So that’s one for K.K. and one for Kapp’n. We knew it would be close! Those are all of our questions for today – thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

    The Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo software update is available to download for free* now. Find out more by checking out our interview about the update, our list of things you simply have to try out in the update, or by visiting the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf website.

    Look out for another chat with Mr Eguchi and Mr Nogami about Animal Crossing in the near future!

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