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  • What’s hot in the free Animal Crossing: New Leaf update? Hear it straight from the developers in our interview!


    The Welcome amiibo update is out now for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! This free* software update includes loads of extra features like amiibo support, a brand new campground area where animals can visit, an amiibo Camera to take snaps with your favourite animal friends and a pair of new minigames!

    We had a chat with general producer Katsuya Eguchi and Animal Crossing series producer Hisashi Nogami to see what they like most about the update.

    Nintendo of Europe: Thank you very much for joining us today. First off, what’s your favourite new feature in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf update?

    Hisashi Nogami: To be able to call in an animal that you would like, by using an amiibo. That’s my favourite. Animal Crossing is a game where you can’t control who comes to your town, but with this new feature you can use an amiibo card to call in a particular character. You can have the amiibo make something happen in game, and this is the kind of experience I would definitely want people to try.

    Katsuya Eguchi: So it may not be the main element, but there are minigames(1), including Animal Crossing Puzzle League. In the past there was a panel puzzle game known as Puzzle League(2), and now you can play it with Animal Crossing characters. When Puzzle League was first released I played it a lot – we played together! So we brought this to Animal Crossing and thought it was a great match. Puzzle League is a really well made action puzzle game. I think a lot of people haven’t had the chance to play it, so we definitely want them to try it out.

    1. Minigames: In Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, you can play two minigames if you have certain items. The Wii U console item lets you play Desert Island Escape, while the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL items allow you to play Animal Crossing Puzzle League.

    2. Puzzle League: A long-running puzzle series from Nintendo. It made its first appearance in Europe in November 1996 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, under the name Tetris Attack.

    HN: So you can forget about the village and immerse yourself in minigames!

    NoE: Fantastic! Calling in your favourite animals and the minigames are at the top of the list. Anything else up there?

    HN: There are some characters who did not appear in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but they’ve appeared in past games in the series. Using the new Animal Crossing amiibo cards, you can once again meet those characters that you had a really deep relationship with in previous games.


    NoE: When you tap an amiibo card from this new series it will call in the animal in a camper. Do either of you have a camper van?

    KE: No, no. I really want one, but a camper van is not very useful in Japan! (laughs)

    NoE: Why did you choose to use camper vans?

    HN: Well, there is an element of our personal admiration, but you know, each of the animals live in a house, and all the furniture comes with the character. It’s not just the character coming alone, but they come with a room. We wanted to express that the character and the room come together, so that’s why we came up with the campers.


    NoE: There are also collaborations with other series. Which is your favourite?

    HN: Splatoon. (laughs) Sorry, but I have to say Splatoon!


    NoE: Not the Sanrio collaboration?

    KE: Ah, you mean the Sanrio collaboration characters!

    HN: They’re really appealing, so I can’t pick one. (laughs) For Animal Crossing fans and the Sanrio fans, I think this collaboration is really good.

    NoE: Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to speaking to you again soon.

    The Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo software update is available to download for free* now. Find out more by checking out our list of things you simply have to try out in the update, or by visiting the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf website.

    Look out for further discussions with Mr Eguchi and Mr Nogami about Animal Crossing in the near future!

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