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  • Play, create and share anytime, anywhere. Our new Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS website is live!


    The wait is almost over! Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS arrives on Nintendo 3DS family systems on December 2nd, bringing new challenges and an intuitive course creation tool, allowing you to play and create inspired Mario courses anytime, anywhere.


    Creating courses can be intimidating at first, especially when you have so many tools at your disposal, but with fully interactive optional lessons from Mashiko and her feathery friend Yamamura you’ll be assembling incredible levels in no time! Visit the Create section to see more.

    Want more tools? Who doesn’t?! Completing courses in the new Super Mario Challenge not only makes you a better player but also unlocks more items to use in your own courses. There are 100 Nintendo-designed courses available in Super Mario Challenge, each with two extra objectives to achieve. Learn more about this and other modes in the Play section.

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    You can also play courses created by other players. Share levels between your friends using local wireless and challenge them to reach the Goal Pole, or put two heads together and collaborate on courses! Find out more about course collaboration in the Share section.


    Alternatively you can jump online* and into Course World to browse through Recommended Courses created by players of the Wii U version, or test your platforming skills in 100 Mario Challenge.

    Plenty to keep you busy, then – and you can learn all about it at our official Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS website! There are even original course planning sheets available that were used during the creation of the very first Super Mario Bros. game by Mr. Miyamoto himself! What will you do first: play or create?

    Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS will be available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on December 2nd, on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

    *Wireless internet connection required.