Nine new things you should check out in the free Animal Crossing: New Leaf update


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It’s time to expand your town’s horizons! A free* software update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out now on Nintendo 3DS family systems, and it’s crammed with exciting new features, including amiibo compatibility! Of course, you can find out all about this update at our updated Animal Crossing: New Leaf website, but here are nine things we reckon you absolutely have to try out.

Not sure how to download a Nintendo 3DS software update? Find out here!


1: Invite animal friends to your town

If you strike up a conversation with the ghostly genie Wisp and tap a compatible amiibo (sold separately), he can grant you one wish per day. Will you wish for a daily gift or to invite a new animal pal over to your town?

See compatible amiibo


2: Stop by the campground

A brand new area called the campground is now open! Some animals that you invite to your town may turn up here with their camper. Pop by for a chat and you might be able to trade items with them. Some can even move into your town!


3: Earn yourself some MEOW Coupons

Helping out around town is its own reward, but now there’s another reason to be a good neighbour! Carrying out town initiatives will reward you with MEOW Coupons that can be traded for Bells or exchanged for items at the campground.


4: Give your home a new look

Organising your furniture and accessories is now way easier thanks to the Touch Screen on your Nintendo 3DS family system. Drag, drop and rotate furniture in a flash to arrange everything just the way you want it.

Plus, if you link your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer save data, furniture from that game will be added to the Timmy & Tommy shopping catalog!

5: Find a new place to store your stuff!

If you’re the type of villager who has a habit of hanging on to stuff, then the new secret storeroom is perfect for you! With it, you can store loads of bits and bobs and access them at any time.


6: Break out the consoles!

With certain special items, you can enjoy a pair of fun minigames! Put your popularity on the line in Animal Crossing Puzzle League by using the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL items, or see how your friends fare on an island adventure in Desert Island Escape with the Wii U item.


7: Have fun with collaborations

Other Nintendo series can enter the world of Animal Crossing with amiibo, too! If you have The Legend of Zelda or Splatoon amiibo, you can use them to invite characters from those series to visit the campground. As well as those, on November 25th a Sanrio Collaboration Pack will be available, giving you even more collaborations to enjoy!


8: Take photos of your animal friends

Your animal friends can take a small trip into your world with the amiibo Camera! Take fun photos of any characters living in your village, or you can use Animal Crossing amiibo figures or amiibo cards to grab a snap of those characters too. Say cheese!


9: Give yourself a head start on a new life!

After the update, it’s up to you if you want to return to your old town or start over somewhere new. If you’re willing to part with your old town, Tom Nook will give you a chunk of Bells that you can put towards your fresh start.

As you can see, this free software update is packed with new features to try out and different things to keep you busy. No need to rush to see it all at once though – it’s your town, so enjoy it at your own leisure! For all the details, head on over to our updated Animal Crossing: New Leaf website.

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