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  • Fire Emblem Fates – Birthright or Conquest?


    Fire Emblem Fates releases exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on the 20th May, in two distinct versions, each with their own unique story paths – Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. A third story path, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, will also be released as add-on content on Nintendo eShop on 9th June 2016. These are more than just superficial versions of the same game though. In Birthright, you choose to side with Hoshido, while in Conquest you take up arms for Nohr. Both Birthright and Conquest feature separate story paths, complete with characters and battles that cannot be found in the other version, whereas Revelation tells the tale of what would happen if you decided not to take a side.

    Which fate will you choose? Read on to make your decision and for a chance to win a New Nintendo 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Edition!

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    Choose your family

    Playing as Corrin, one of the most important choices you'll have to make is between one family and another. As war breaks out between the houses of Nohr and Hoshido, Prince Corrin must ally with one or the other. Though born of Hoshidan blood, Corrin was raised by the royal family of Nohr. Both sides have their good and bad qualities, so picking between your adoptive family and your genetic line is no easy decision. In Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright you’ll join the exuberant yet defensive house of Hoshido, while in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest you’ll side with the aggressive yet secretive Nohr.


    Choose your friends

    Though Corrin has some very close friends that will stick around no matter what, the choice between Birthright and Conquest will introduce very different friends to fight alongside and form relationships with. Each game features 17 unique characters not available to recruit in the other. For example, you can only recruit Arthur – an over-proud hero type with a square jaw and bloated ego – in Conquest, whereas Hana – an outgoing yet disciplined samurai – can only be recruited in Birthright. Of course, just like other Fire Emblem games, such characters are at the heart of the experience. Nurture your relationships with them, protect them and help them grow into powerful warriors – you’ll never want to let them go.


    Choose your spouse

    If you enjoyed the relationship gameplay of Fire Emblem: Awakening then you’ll be right at home with Fire Emblem Fates, which also allows you to develop personal relationships with the game’s extended cast. With certain characters it’s possible to form such strong bonds that you may eventually get married and even have children – who will also grow up to fight alongside Corrin in battle! Which spouse you choose and the offspring you have can vary wildly depending on whether you’re playing Birthright or Conquest. Marriage and children aren’t just for Corrin either. Many of the characters are able to form S-rank relationships, tie the knot and go on to have children, resulting in countless relationship possibilities, so make sure to talk to other Fire Emblem Fates players and find out where their decisions have taken them!

    Choose your difficulty

    No matter which version of Fire Emblem Fates you play, it’s possible to adjust the difficulty level and also switch between three different modes…

    Phoenix – Fallen units quickly return to battle.

    Casual – Fallen units return in the next chapter.

    Classic – Fallen units die. Each decision counts.

    However, there is also an inherent level of challenge built into Birthright and Conquest. While Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is recommended for newcomers and Fire Emblem fans of all levels, Conquest is a tougher game thanks to limited experience points and gold as well as much more fiendish level designs. If you’re one of the Fire Emblem faithful who’s been playing ever since the Game Boy Advance days then Conquest will provide the challenge you’ve been looking for.

    Choose your fate – and you could win a New Nintendo 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Edition

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    So which edition of Fire Emblem Fates will you choose? Will you claim your Birthright, fighting alongside your blood relatives in a quest that’s suitable for all RPG fans? Or will you take the path of Conquest and prove your tactical prowess in one of the most challenging Fire Emblem games yet?

    Whichever fate you choose, you could win a New Nintendo 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Edition! All you have to do is tell us, using one of the Twitter buttons below! Feel free to explain why in the tweet (and don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions below) and that classy, limited edition console could be yours!

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Entry is open to residents of the United Kingdom, excluding employees and the immediate families of the Promoter, its agents or anyone professionally connected with the promotion. Entrants must be 13 years or over.

    2. If you are under 18 you are representing that you have consent from your parents/guardian to enter the promotion in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

    3. By entering the promotion, entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

    4. Entry closes at 23:59 on 20th May 2016.

    5. Entry is online via Twitter. To enter, entrants should select either the “Team Birthright” or “Team Conquest” button to send a tweet from your Twitter account stating which version of Fire Emblem Fates you’re most excited to play first.

    6. To participate in the promotion, entrants will require access to the internet and will need to register for a Twitter account. The Promoter cannot guarantee uninterrupted or secure access to the entry route. Entrants are free to enter the promotion as many times as they want.

    7. One winner will be drawn at random from all entries received. The winner will be notified through Twitter within 28 days of the closing date. If a winner does not respond to contact made by the Promoter within 28 days the Promoter reserves the right to award the prize to a substitute winner.

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