9 things to try in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS



Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is out now on Nintendo 3DS family systems and many of you are creating, playing and sharing courses already. With so many different elements at your fingertips, you’d be forgiven not knowing where to begin, so we’ve devised nine things you should definitely try as you start your Super Mario Making career.

1. Make some Mario

Well it is called Super Mario Maker after all, so try your hand at creating some courses! First choose your favourite game style from the four available, pick a theme (Ghost House is always a good place to start) and then add and fuse elements together into never-seen-before combinations. Want to put Bowser inside a room full of Trampolines for no reason whatsoever? Go for it!

2. Try to erase Mario

Take Mr. Eraser and try to erase Mario. Go on, try it!


3. Consult the pigeon


Need some pointers on course creation? Check in with Yamamura (who is indeed a pigeon) and his assistant Mashiko (who is indeed a human) for a few pointers. The pair will guide you through the basics of course creation and beyond with their optional interactive tutorials. If a literal bird can make courses then so can you.

4. Play some Mario


Super Mario Challenge features 100 Nintendo-designed courses that can be played anytime, anywhere. You don’t need an internet connection so you can play on the bus, in the supermarket or while hanging upside down at the local jungle gym (we wouldn’t advise the latter, but you do you).

5. Get all the medals in Super Mario Challenge


This is going to take you ages. Each of the 100 Nintendo-designed courses comes with extra challenges, such as collecting every coin or defeating every enemy before you reach the goal. Some of the later ones are super devious but surprises await the most skilled Mario fans!

6. Share some Mario


Created a masterpiece? Share it with a friend via local wireless or StreetPass and challenge them to beat it! We can feel the intense rivalries already!

7. Join forces with other Super Mario Makers


Feeling more cooperative? You can combine your efforts and create the ultimate Mario course by sharing incomplete courses with friends or family. Just remember to always point out that you made the best bits.

8. Jump online

Sure, there are 100 Nintendo-designed courses in the game but connecting to the internet* really expands your horizons! You can play loads of courses made by players of the Wii U version in either 100 Mario Challenge or Recommended Courses. This really is the biggest Mario game on handheld ever!

9. Create a scrolling level that features the Fire Koopa Clown Car and lots of flying enemies


Pretty self-explanatory really. Some enemies can even have their own Fire Koopa Clown Car!

So that’s nine things to get you started but we’ve only really scratched the surface of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. Find out more about all the stuff you can get up to at the Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS official website.

*Wireless internet connection required.