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  • Get exclusive Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer items at Nintendo Zones!


    In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, out now on Nintendo 3DS family systems, create dream homes, gorgeous gardens and a lively town square for your Animal Crossing friends! There are loads of items to choose from when designing happy homes, and with Nintendo Zones you can get even more items to help unleash your inner designer.

    If you visit a participating Nintendo Zone at GAME from October 9th 2015 until January 9th 2016, you’ll be able to receive 24-hour-shop furniture, including special walls, counters and more!

    To receive items from a Nintendo Zone, please follow these steps. Please note that you must have completed Carrie’s request before you can access this content.

    1. Launch Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer while in a Nintendo Zone. In the game, go upstairs in the Nook's Homes office. Make your character face the Nintendo 3DS system on the office desk and press the A Button.
    2. You will receive an explanation about special design requests. Select "Yes, please!" to receive the request.
    3. Listen to Filly's request, then accept it.
    4. When you next open the furniture catalogue on the Touch Screen, you'll see that special 24-hour-shop furniture has been added!

    Check out your local Nintendo Zone each week for additional Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer items! You can find your nearest Nintendo Zone by visiting our Nintendo Zone Finder, and learn more about Nintendo Zones at our dedicated StreetPass hub.

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is available from shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop now, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems.