An introduction to the foes of Bravely Default


The world of Luxendarc is a dangerous place. In Bravely Default, Square Enix’s unique RPG for Nintendo 3DS family systems, there’s no end of foes to face, all determined to stop Agnès Oblige in her journey to restore light to a world that’s being overwhelmed by darkness.

You can already meet Agnès’s allies on the official Bravely Default website, but before you start your adventure you might want to get an idea of who you’re up against. We’ve gathered together some intel on some of Luxendarc’s key players – do you think you can best them all, awaken the four elemental crystals and restore order to the world?

Agnès Oblige is a follower of Crystalism, which promotes worship of the elemental crystals. Meanwhile, the Anticrystalist movement believes that the crystals should be used solely for human advancement. Meet some of the chief believers of Anticrystalism that stand in your way...

The Council of Six

The decision-making body of the Duchy of Eternia. It believes that crystals are treasures to be used for the good of humanity, rather than objects to be worshipped. As a result, it is actively trying to bring about a widespread boycott of Crystalism.

Braev Lee is a resolute hero of the Eternian military who holds the Council of Six together. He is a strong supporter of the concept of Anticrystalism – and Edea Lee’s father.

Victor S. Court is a scholar who researches white magic. Despite his youth, his extraordinary talents have allowed him to become Eternia’s chief practitioner of healing. He is usually found following Victoria around and obeying her commands to the letter.

Victoria F. Stein is a young woman with a superior intellect and a magnificent command of magic. Despite her youthful appearance, her manner of speaking is more becoming of an elderly woman. Her unstable physical and emotional condition means she is in constant need of Victor’s healing abilities.

Alternis Dim is the Grand Marshal’s trusted friend and lieutenant. Despite being raised as an orphan without a single living relative, Alternis’s talents were soon spotted by the Grand Marshal, who invited him to join the Council of Six. He has never been seen without his black mask.

The Eternian Sky Knights

After repeated attempts to persuade the Kingdom of Caldisla to convert to Anticrystalism, the Duchy of Eternia has dispatched the Eternian Sky Knights in an attempt to force change. Keen to capture an important symbol of the Crystal Orthodoxy, the Eternian Sky Knights set their airship’s course for Caldisla – and Agnès.

Argent Heinkel is the cool-headed leader of the Eternian Sky Knights. Despite his alleged knightly virtues, he’d do anything to improve his chances of victory in battle, and though his speech and conduct may seem harsh, he has earned the trust and respect of his subordinates.

Holly Whyte is capable of healing even the most serious, life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, this ability is combined with an extremely sadistic streak – she often delays treating injured people in order to watch them suffer.

A clear-minded mage, Ominas Crowe excels at using black magic to attack or hinder opponents. He is a brutal character who will stop at nothing in order to achieve his aims, and is detested by everybody he meets. He is always embroiled in a bitter dispute with Holly, despite lacking the wit to ever get the better of her.

Despite prizing his muscular body above all else, Barras Lehr thinks nothing of hurling it wholeheartedly into enemy ranks at any opportunity – regardless of whether it would have any effect. He is the pilot of the Sky Knights’ airship, and his rough-and-ready style leads to endless grumbles from his passengers – none of which they dare say to his face.

The Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry

An organisation established in the world-renowned industrial nation of Ancheim, with the aim of discrediting Crystalism and those who still believe in it.

The current king of Ancheim, Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, holds an intense hatred for the principles of Crystalism. Despite being king, Quentis is far less popular among his subjects than the vestals, towards whom he harbours a great deal of jealousy. He delights in making their lives a misery at every possible opportunity.

Ciggma Khint is a fencer affiliated with the Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry. Messenger, spy, bodyguard... there’s no job that he will turn down if the price is right. This spell fencer envelops his blade in magic before he attacks.

Raised as an orphan, The Jackal has been deceived and exploited by adults from a young age. The tables turned, however, when he became the leader of a band of thieves. He has developed a particular penchant for stealing water – an invaluable commodity for those who dwell in the desert.

Erutus Profiteur, the murky chairman of the Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry, is known for having his grubby fingers in a number of pies. There are no depths to which he will not sink in search of further riches, and he cares not one iota about public opinion.

The Bloodrose Legion

The Bloodrose Legion is a special unit sent from the Duchy of Eternia to corrupt the people of Florem, a land of beauty, flowers and forests, with the ideals of Anticrystalism. To conceal its presence in Florem, where only women are allowed to reside, the legion is made up entirely of female members – with the notable exception of its leader.

Fiore DeRosa is a regular face in the amusement districts of Florem, so it’s little wonder that he has gained such a reputation as a philanderer. Despite appearing to be nothing more than a slightly lecherous yet cheerful and sociable middle-aged man, Fiore is actually the leader of the Bloodrose Legion.

The eldest Venus sister, Einheria Venus is a magnificent spear user, and the jump attacks she unleashes are truly second to none. Einheria has a great deal of admiration for the ideas of Anticrystalism, and it’s her desire to create an ideal world that motivates her to bring her sisters with her to Florem.

Nothing gives Mephilia Venus greater pleasure than turning beautiful things into unsightly messes. By cutting off relations with most people, she has developed a remarkable ability to see and converse with spiritual beings. She sells luxurious hairpins made from the wings of Florem’s flower spirits.

The youngest Venus sister, Artemia Venus is an excellent archer who only seems capable of comprehending other people during deadly battles. Artemia destroyed vast acres of forest during her hunt for the woodland orochi, the guardian spirit of Florem – whose bones she used to make a beautiful – and expensive – hair dye.

The Black Blades

The Black Blades were dispatched to the military state of Eisenberg to assist a rebel group in the midst of a civil war. After learning that the rebel Swordbearers were sympathetic to the Anticrystalist cause, the Duchy of Eternia lent its support to their struggle against the Shieldbearers, the current rulers of Eisenberg. Now Eisenberg is split between the two factions, locked in an endless civil war.

Leader of the Black Blades, Nobutsuna Kamiizumi is known for his calm, collected, and rather severe personality. A master swordsman, he is respected by allies and enemies alike. Kamiizumi is an old friend of Edea Lee’s father, and has acted as teacher to Edea herself on occasion.

Acting as a deputy to Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, Captain Barbarossa’s forgiving nature and ready laugh help to hold the Black Blades together. At the start of the civil war, he led a naval assault that did great damage to both Eisenberg’s sea defences and to the Shieldbearers’ naval forces, securing a transport route for resources and military personnel.

Pompous Dr. Qada specialises in mixing medicines and creating heinous weapons using alchemy. Dr. Qada delights in causing suffering, and can often be seen performing inhumane acts of violence with a broad grin. He is, however, in awe of Nobutsuna Kamiizumi’s authority, and makes a show of obedience to him.

Cold and emotionless, Konoe Kikyo is a master of disguise who has caused chaos within the Shieldbearers’ ranks. Though she rarely says a word, when she reports back from missions she is able to divulge an extraordinary amount of information.

Praline à la Mode is a cheerful, sunny and generally sparkly young woman. Everyone agrees that she’s “got it”, though few can explain what “it” is. The superstar of the battlefield, her performances have unfathomable power – when showtime begins, soldiers find themselves with abilities they had not believed possible...