In shops and on Nintendo eShop now: Pokémon Art Academy


Capture the likenesses of Pokémon with pencils, pastels and paint in Pokémon Art Academy, available in shops and as a download from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS now! Pick up your stylus and learn real-world artistic techniques through 40 step-by-step lessons. On the Touch Screen, you'll get to practise your skills, master various materials, and even share your finest achievements on Miiverse or with friends via Local Play! It's a colourful new world, and it all starts here!

Pokémon Art Academy really is a friendly place, and your teacher, Professor Andy, will get you confident with basic skills before moving on to the advanced techniques you need to make amazing Pokémon art! Overall, you'll progress through Novice, Apprentice and Graduate courses, each building your skills as you try out different materials. There are the usual pencils, pastels and paints, but new tools are available, as well: the Outline pen creates cartoon-style outlines you can't colour over, the Airbrush makes super-smooth colour that you can build up slowly, while the Marker delivers sharp, chunky edges. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, as there's an Undo function for back-stepping if you need it!

With such a wide variety of approaches, Free Paint mode is your chance to create Pokémon any way you see fit! Need a Froakie fix or just loving Lapras? Well, there are over a 100 reference images to work from, so you'll never be short of an idea! Better yet, you can import a picture from the SD card, and really go for something unique!

Once you've created your first piece, why not mount it on one of the provided backgrounds for a great finish, then show it off by posting to Miiverse direct from the game? Use Local Play to send art to a friend or save to your SD card, pop it in your computer and print out your masterpiece!

Visit the official Pokémon Art Academy website to find out more, and get the perfect start to becoming a master of Pokémon art!

Pokémon Art Academy is available now from shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop, only on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.