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  • Spotlight on Wii U: Wii Street U powered by Google


    With its innovative new controller – the Wii U GamePad – the Wii U home console offers brand new gaming experiences you can’t find anywhere else, but it does much more too. Wii Street U powered by Google uses the Wii U console, GamePad and TV to give you a fascinating new perspective on the world, and it’s currently free to download from Nintendo eShop*.

    While it’s always fun to take a peek at your house, school or workplace, if you fancy trying something a little different, why not create a scavenger hunt for your friends and family? Find an interesting spot like a sculpture or statue, then devise clues to help the searcher track it down. Stuck for inspiration? Check out the included Recommended Tour Spots, 72 fascinating places such as The Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon River that are sure to get the creative ideas flowing!


    With the Recommended Tour Spots you can take a stroll around the Palace of Versailles before jetting instantly to the streets of Las Vegas, and head on to enjoy the serenity of Stonehenge – all in a matter of minutes. There are even a few buildings you can look inside! While you won’t catch a glimpse of the President, it’s worth taking a tour around the White House if you won’t be making it to Washington D.C. in the near future!

    Speaking of tours, get everyone together around the TV and scope out sunbathing spots, must-see sights or the chicest shops for your next family holiday. There are all kinds of unbelievable places waiting to be explored, and all at your fingertips.

    On top of these recommended sights, check out the Miiverse Community to read about other players’ favourite spots – you may even find some coordinates you can enter to head straight to that spot. There are thousands of interesting locations you can find with a little creativity and curiosity. You never know – you may even find some places that share their names with locations from your favourite Nintendo games!

    Wii Street U powered by Google is free to download from Nintendo eShop for a limited time only*, so there’s no reason not to head out on your very own tour of the world.

    * The application is free to download for a limited time and will be available only as a paid download afterwards. The application is currently planned to be available for download and use until 31st March 2016.