The Kirby TV Channel for Wii is back!


Kirby fans, rejoice! The Kirby TV Channel is back on Wii so you can discover dozens of colourful cartoon adventures for the first time or enjoy watching them all over again at your leisure! Connect your Wii to the Internet, download the Kirby TV Channel for free and get to know a Nintendo hero versatile enough to keep everyone entertained!

  • Download for free
  • Enjoy 40+ episodes
  • Special surprises for regular viewers!

The channel allows you to view over 40 Kirby episodes that will be updated twice a week over a six-month period. Fans of Kirby will be able to check the programming schedule just like a real TV channel and choose from four streaming episodes at a time.

Every week, two new episodes will become available – one on a Monday and one on a Thursday. The episodes will be available to view for two weeks before being archived to make way for new episodes. Episode 1 is permanently unlocked so Kirby fans can watch how he came to land in Dream Land at their leisure. Keep a close eye on the channel, as watching episodes from the archives may be possible, ensuring you never miss an episode. 

The Kirby TV Channel will be available to fans in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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Please note that all the episodes have previously aired when the Kirby TV Channel had its first run in 2011. If you tuned into the Kirby TV Channel last year, please be aware that save data from the first Kirby TV Channel is not transferred to the new Channel. All save data from earlier Kirby TV Channel will be erased when the new Channel is downloaded.