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  • The Connection Ambassador Promotion ends on 21st November


    The Connection Ambassador Promotion comes to a close on 21st November 2012, at 23:59 CET (22:59 UK time).

    This promotion rewards users who help others to connect their Wii consoles to the Internet. Both the helper and the person who is helped can receive a reward after registering each other’s Wii Numbers.

    If you have participated in the Connection Ambassador promotion, please note the following:

    • If you have reached Gold or Platinum status but have not yet downloaded the titles you are entitled to, you will still be able to download them after the promotion has ended.
    • After the end of the promotion, it will no longer be possible to gift titles which you received due to your Gold or Platinum status.
    • After the end of the promotion, the person who has been helped can no longer receive 500 Wii Points if he or she has not started the Wii Shop Channel after both parties registered each other’s Wii Numbers.

    To find out more about the many great reasons to connect your Wii to the Internet, including a vast library of original software and classic games, plus a whole host of varied and interesting Wii Channels, visit our Get connected page.