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  • Get your Nintendo 3DS system online today with free-hotspot.com


    1st February 2012 - Nintendo of Europe today announces a new deal with free-hotspot.com, the world's largest multinational network of exclusively free Wi-Fi hotspots. The partnership will allow Nintendo 3DS owners free access to over 5,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across 21 European countries. Your Nintendo 3DS system will automatically* connect to free-hotspot.com’s network in many of the biggest fast food restaurants and leading hotel chains across Europe including McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Ibis Hotels and Etap Hotels.

    It’s never been simpler to connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet! Your Nintendo 3DS will automatically search for and connect to the Internet via free-hotspot.com’s access points across Europe. Once connected to the Internet, special and exciting content can be received automatically to your Nintendo 3DS system via SpotPass, even whilst your handheld console is in Sleep Mode. Some of the exclusive content you could receive includes unique 3D videos from the Nintendo Video service, notifications, extra content for your software and system updates, which can all be received without lifting a finger.

    When you next have time while waiting to be served or while being checked-in at a hotel, why not also browse the Internet for free and check out your favourite websites or even access Nintendo eShop? Enjoy looking through, downloading and playing the latest Nintendo 3DS download software and classic titles from the Nintendo Virtual Console – all available from Nintendo eShop. 

    Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of European Marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe says: “With such an extensive European-wide Wi-Fi access network, partnering with free-hotspot.com made absolute sense. The access points are largely located in popular restaurants and hotels – places where Nintendo 3DS owners are likely to want, and to unwind in. We also urge all Nintendo 3DS owners to also take advantage of the latest system update which has brought an array of new features and enhancements, including 3D video capture.”

    Joseph Brunoli, Managing Director of Anacapa Holdings, Ltd., operators of the free-hotspot.com network, added: "Our extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots across Europe will provide Nintendo 3DS users with a high speed, reliable service to help them make the most of their time while away from home. We are delighted to work with Nintendo and to announce this important partnership.”

    For more information on Nintendo 3DS and SpotPass, visit the official Nintendo 3DS website. For information on updating your system software, visit our Support section on performing system updates.

    *Requires Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser to be installed. If you haven’t downloaded the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser yet, you need to perform a system update on your Nintendo 3DS system. To perform the recommended system update, Nintendo 3DS users can simply start the "System Settings" from the Home Menu, select "Other Settings" and scroll the page right to select "System Update".

    About free-hotspot.com

    Anacapa Holdings, Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland, operates the world’s largest network of exclusively FREE Wi-Fi hotspots  under the free-hotspot.com brand name. The network operates on the basis of the “transactional” free Wi-Fi model, designed specifically to allow major brands, chains and other public-facing businesses to offer FREE wireless Internet access to their customers. Under the free-hotspot.com system, users agree to interact with an introductory Sponsor message in return for their free Internet access. This innovative system, which has won the prestigious Wireless Broadband Innovation Award for Best Public Wi-Fi Product, is particularly well-suited to Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, hotels, pubs, and cafes as well as shopping malls, retail outlets and other venues that serve the public. Founded in 2005, Anacapa has grown its free-hotspot.com network to encompass 5000 hotspot venues in 21 countries across Europe.