5 facts about Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Idol Cards


Avid fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS have been hunting down the game’s AR Idol Cards with the fervour of angelic warriors. From the initial six supplied with the game itself to the Club Nintendo packs in our Stars Catalogue, to those gained at the multiplayer Battle Squad events around the country or soon via the recently announced distribution deal with Panini - more opportunities for collecting the cards are popping up all the time!

But if you think you already know everything there is to know about this unique collection, we’d like to present you with 5 facts for anyone calling themselves an expert.

Some cards are more rare than others. Special cards will feature a small wing symbol in the top right: silver ones are uncommon, golden ones are rare and diamond ones are ultra rare!
A silver, golden or diamond wing in the top right means you have a special AR Card.

Diamond cards are truly special – and even among these, some are especially rare! The Palutena (Rare) - 404 card, for example, only appears once in approx. every 1600 packs. Right now, there are only a few hundred of these all across Europe!*

Finally, there is even a very limited edition batch out there without any rarity indicators at all. Those cards are no longer in print, so if you were to have, say, a Medusa (Battle) - 027 card without a golden wing on it, you’d best hold on to it!*

There are no rules except your own - and those of your friends! When playing AR Card battles, the outcome of battle for each pairing of cards is determined by each card’s HP, Attack power and Speed characteristics, as well as which types (out of Shield, Sword or Magic) are squaring off. Beyond that, it’s your call! Perhaps you can make your three top weapons take on those of a friend, or perhaps you’d rather shuffle your decks and go into battle blind? Read what game creator Masahiro Sakurai has to say on the topic in our Iwata Asks interview and see what rules you and your mates can come up with.

Use location cards to set the scene. Friends, foes, weapons and powers - there’s a 3D Idol for virtually any part of Pit’s rich fantasy world ready to face off against another. (So if you've ever pondered whether Poseidon could beat a platter of food, resolution is near!) But if you manage to get your mitts on a location card, you’ll even be able to provide an AR backdrop fit for your most climactic battles - and you can take a quick 3D snapshot to view again later in the Nintendo 3DS Camera application.

More cards, more hearts! With every AR Idol Card you scan for the first time, 100 hearts are added to your tally. That may not seem like much until you realise there are hundreds to collect. Plus, scanning an AR Idol Card with your Nintendo 3DS adds a neat golden camera icon to each entry in your Idols gallery!

There’s an album on the way. Anyone serious about their AR Idol Card collection will be happy to know we’re teaming up with Panini soon. This means you’ll be able to purchase additional card packs around the country** - and better yet, there’ll be an official album to keep all your cards in pristine condition.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is in shops now, only for Nintendo 3DS.

*Please note that this information pertains to the European Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards, as indicated by the European translations under any card’s name. Such details, as well as rarity, may vary in other territories.

**Distribution territories to be confirmed.