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  • Two new Nintendo 3DS colours and bundles in shops soon!


    25th October, 2011 – Mario fans will be able to get a white Christmas regardless of any snowfall this year, when the SUPER MARIO 3D LAND and Ice White Nintendo 3DS bundle launches across Europe on the 2nd of December. The perfect shade for winter fun, this Nintendo 3DS bundle will help anyone beat those winter blues with a little help from Mario. NIL_3DS_SuperMario3DLandBundle.jpg
    Everything you love about Mario is back but with some fun new twists exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. SUPER MARIO 3D LAND offers something for everyone whether you are new to Mario games or a diehard fan!

    The popular Tanooki Suit returns, allowing you to float in mid-air and use his cute tail to attack enemies, while the new Boomerang Mario dons a blue shell and helmet and has the ability to immobilise his enemies with a boomerang. The Propeller Box lets Mario fly high in the air and reach hidden areas and the binoculars placed within some stages allow you to survey the vivid and colourful landscapes in first-person perspective. By using the unique motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to move the field of vision of the binoculars, you can spot enemies, obstacles and even hidden objectives.

    Launching before this, on November 18th, is a bundle which will tickle you pink! Nintendo is launching a new Coral Pink Nintendo 3DS bundled with a copy of nintendogs + cats, offering a purrrrfect gift for Christmas. NIL_3DS_NintendogsBundle.jpg
    For the first time, your portable pooch has a feline friend to play with and your puppy can take walks with you while you’re on the move! nintendogs + cats offers lifelike 3D graphics and interactivity which creates a fully immersive experience. Your cute puppy will seemingly come alive as he recognises your face using the Nintendo 3DS inner camera, follows your head movements and appears to pop out of the screen to lick you. Once you have his attention, use the stylus and microphone to teach him a variety of tricks through voice commands such as “give paw” or “lie down”. 

    With a mass of customisation options available; the ability to meet other owners and puppies, swap items and 3D photos via StreetPass; and AR Cards which make your puppy or kitten literally leap around on the table in front of you by using Augmented Reality - this truly has to be seen to be believed.

    Both new colours of the Nintendo 3DS system will be available on their own later this year and you can find out more about these tempting titles by visiting the official SUPER MARIO 3D LAND website or the official nintendogs + cats website.

    Don’t forget that you can also play the more than 1,000 Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games in 2D on your Nintendo 3DS, as it is compatible with almost all of these games. For more information on the Nintendo 3DS system, visit our dedicated site!

    The SUPER MARIO 3D LAND and Ice White bundle will be in shops December 2nd, while the nintendogs + cats and Coral Pink bundle will be available from shops November 18th.