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  • The official Xenoblade Chronicles microsite is now open


    A week from now you’ll be able to step into the shoes of Shulk, the hero of Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, wielding the power of the legendary blade called the Monado in your fight for the survival of your world. But if you already want to immerse yourself in what this epic RPG has to offer, you can start today by visiting the brand new, official microsite of Xenoblade Chronicles.

    • Discover what’s at stake in the story by reading up on the two titans Bionis and Mechonis in the prologue. Watch a clip of the Children of Bionis and meet their sworn enemies, the Mechon.
    • Get to know the characters and listen to samples of the English or Japanese voice acting. You get to choose which language you prefer to play the game in!
    • Learn more about the seamless, real-time battle system and watch videos to see how you can use special moves called Arts to turn the tide. And behold the awesome power of the Monado…
    • Find out about customising your characters to your heart’s content, the nifty tools at your disposal to traverse this sprawling world on your own terms, and why how you treat other characters truly matters.
    • Watch videos, take a look at screenshots and listen to top tunes of the game’s soundtrack.

    For all that, and so much more, head to http://xenobladechronicles.co.uk and get ready for the launch of this year’s biggest RPG on 19th August, only on Wii!

    Don’t forget you can still place your in-store pre-order at GAME or gamestation for the limited edition bundle of the game including a red Classic Controller Pro as well as three amazing posters!*

    * Please note that the three posters are only available via in-store pre-order, which was not correctly communicated before. If you previously placed an online pre-order to get these posters sent with your copy of the pre-order bundle, please get in contact with GAME or gamestation using the links. We strongly apologise for this inconvenience.