Take a look at the new Pilotwings Resort teaser site!


Pilotwings Resort, out March 25th for Nintendo 3DS, gives all the fun of aerial sports while you're on the go, in stereoscopic 3D!

Strap yourself in for an unforgettable aviation experience in three cool aircraft! With missions spanning a range of difficulties, the option to fly around for fun at your own pace, and a ton of collectables to amass on your skyward stints, there's plenty of fun to be had high in the sky!

Our official teaser website for Pilotwings Resort has only just been unveiled - there you'll find further info and some screenshots to get your teeth into! Click here to visit the Pilotwings Resort teaser website, and look out for the full website very soon!

Pilotwings Resort will be in shops March 25th, only for Nintendo 3DS.