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  • Take a closer look at our fun-filled new Wii bundle


    Unveiled last week at the gamescom trade fair in Cologne, Germany, a brand new Wii bundle is making its way to Europe in October 2011.

    The new bundle presents customers with a chance to pick up a newly configured version of the Wii console along with two great games the whole family can enjoy. Players can look forward to unboxing copies of two great family games in the shape of Wii Sports and Wii Party.

    With more than 80 fun and hilarious mini-games, Wii Party will bring a lively atmosphere into any living room. Play with up to four Wii Remote controllers and enjoy putting your very own personalised Mii character at the heart of the action like never before

    Also included in this great value bundle is the original Wii classic, Wii Sports, offering five distinct sports experiences which make use of the motion controls enabled by the Wii Remote. Last, the bundle includes a white Wii Remote Plus controller – offering maximum precision during play – as well as a Nunchuk controller.

    While the new Wii console retains exactly the same sleek look and same dimensions as the original Wii*, it is slightly reconfigured to remove backwards compatibility with Nintendo GameCube titles and controllers and offer maximum value in the here and now!

    * The newly configured Wii console retains the same physical dimensions as the original Wii console: Height 157mm, Width 44mm, Length 215.4 mm.