Super Kirby returns to Dream Land in Kirby's Adventure Wii


17th August 2011 – Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee are ready to transform your living room into Dream Land once more, as Kirby's Adventure Wii launches across Europe in December 2011. In this side-scrolling adventure game, you can play on your own or with up to three of your friends. Kirby, in his many guises, is in control of the infamous foursome – help him use his powerful Copy Ability to inhale, spit or transform as enemies rise to the challenge.

Kicking off this action packed adventure, an alien spaceship has crash-landed, scattering pieces of the ship across the otherwise peaceful Popstar land. The alien is desperate to return to its home planet and so Kirby and his enemies decide to work together and help - starting out on a mission to find the missing chunks of the vessel which have been spread across the realm.

Play on your own or recruit up to three friends who can join in the fun. Whether you want to all play as Kirby, each in a different colour, or mix things up by each taking a different character – Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee – you can all enjoy playing cooperatively to progress through the game by collecting Point Stars and Ability Stars. Don’t worry if you only meet up with your friends for a short while, anyone can join and leave the game at any time. 

Kirby’s Copy Abilities have left enemies trembling for years and the boost they’ve received in Kirby's Adventure Wii is no exception. Kirby copies the abilities of his enemies and is then dressed with a range of hats which give him dramatic and intimidating skills. For example, the green hat empowers him to wield a sword, the jester hat lets him shoot energy from a magic wand and with the cowboy hat he'll lasso nearby enemies. Adding to these Copy Abilities, they now also have powered up versions – check out Kirby’s Super Abilities which are activated when Kirby inhales large special enemies glowing with a starry aura. For example, the “Super Sword” Super Ability can be grabbed from a glowing Blade Knight and allows Kirby to swing a giant sword to wipe out an entire screen’s worth of rivals. Super Abilities only last for a limited time, as indicated by a rainbow-coloured bar with a star below Kirby. As you battle the many enemies, pick up the Ability Stars they leave behind and remember to boost your point score by scooping up as many Point Stars as you can find along the way.

Kirby’s many costume changes give him more gameplay moves than ever before – unleash a storm of spinning leaves, a rushing waterfall or cut through enemies with ease using his sharp sword - you’ll definitely have fun with the variety in this Kirby gem. In such a dynamic environment, the varied costume options put you firmly in control and you can enjoy tweaking the strategy as you go. The alien space ship can be saved, but only with your help.

Whether you’re new to Dream Land, or have spent many a day running, jumping and inhaling with Kirby, there will be something for you in Kirby's Adventure Wii when it comes to Europe in December 2011.

Don’t forget that Kirby is also the latest star of the small screen as part of his own dedicated TV Channel! The Kirby TV Channel is available on Wii as a free download and will feature TV shows starring Kirby, the legendary Star Warrior, as he battles King Dedede in Dream Land. The channel, which launched on 23rd June 2011, allows you to view over 50 Kirby episodes that are updated twice a week over a six month period. Make sure you keep tuning in as The Kirby TV Channel is the best place to help you to keep up to date with Kirby and his friends’ fun adventures in Dream Land.