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  • In shops now: Star Fox 64 3D!


    Prepare for intergalactic warfare like never before as you strap in, ignite your boosters, and take on the might of the evil scientist Andross in Star Fox 64 3D, in shops now for Nintendo 3DS!

    Join Fox McCloud, fearless leader of the Star Fox team as he tries to save the galaxy he calls home and live up to the legacy of his famous father. This completely remastered Nintendo classic puts you in the pilot seat of the Star Fox team’s famous Arwing jet, ready to face an onslaught of enemies as they do their best to blow you out of the sky - and all in sense-searing 3D.

    Star Fox 64 3D introduces high-intensity action from the cockpit of your fighter jet, which you can control with a traditional button setup or with brand new motion controls, guaranteed to immerse you in the action. There are extra modes to take on after the main mission and you can also do battle with up to three friends in the high-octane multiplayer mode, which allows you to watch the expressions of your mates in real-time, as every grimace and yelp is recorded with the Nintendo 3DS inner camera and broadcast in-game!

    For further details, as well as videos and screenshots from the game, look no further than the official Nintendo of Europe Star Fox 64 3D website. Can you save the galaxy?

    Star Fox 64 3D is in shops now, only for Nintendo 3DS