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  • In shops now: SUPER MARIO 3D LAND


    Out today, SUPER MARIO 3D LAND for Nintendo 3DS is a platform adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Not only is the gameplay a lush mixture of classic Mario fun and brand new challenges, but Tanooki Mario (with his adorable and efficacious striped tail) makes a well-earned return, and our hero shows off a radical repertoire including new power-ups  and actions too.

    In addition to his cute and furry Tanooki guise, which allows Mario to glide gently in mid-air or execute a wicked 360-degree attack, this excursion in the Mushroom Kingdom will see our platforming protagonist taking advantage of some new forms! Statue Mario is great at avoiding enemy attention and Boomerang Mario can throw boomerangs to attack baddies and grab items, while old favourite Fire Mario offers vintage fireball action too!

    This time around Mario will also find binoculars dotted here and there in the levels - with which he can sneak a helpful peek at the course ahead - and using a Propeller Box will handily let our hero fly high in the air. On top of all this, if you've ever wanted to see Mario long jump or roll, then you're in for a treat! Crammed full of super-fun levels and perplexing puzzles, some of which are are only possible in 3D, the brave plumber's latest outing is sure to be his most energetic and entertaining yet!

    At our dedicated website for this vibrant adventure we’ve delivered a run-down of the story, detail on Mario’s full move set, further info on his cool new power-ups and much more. So roll on over to our SUPER MARIO 3D LAND website now to read all about this exciting new handheld title!

    Want even more info? Then check out our Iwata Asks: SUPER MARIO 3D LAND!

    SUPER MARIO 3D LAND is in shops now for Nintendo 3DS.