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  • Download the free Nintendo Video application, only for Nintendo 3DS


    11th July 2011 – Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download the new Nintendo Video application from Nintendo eShop from the 13th of July 2011 providing access to a range of new and exclusive 2D and 3D video content on their Nintendo 3DS system.

    The Nintendo Video application allows you to view specially selected 2D and 3D video content, including comedy clips, cartoons and music videos to name a few, and all automatically received via SpotPass when a wireless Internet connection is available. SpotPass revolutionises the way you receive content while on the move. Nintendo has partnered with a range of Wi-Fi providers which will enable you to automatically receive free 3D content from supported public Wi-Fi access points – even when your Nintendo 3DS system is in Sleep Mode.

    Initial Nintendo Video content which will be available through SpotPass will include selected episodes of Oscar's Oasis - the charming cartoon TV series produced by TeamTO & TUBA, which has been broadcast across Europe, will become available to view for the first time in full 3D on your Nintendo 3DS system.

    3D specialist D4D has also produced an array of exclusive 3D episodes of Magic Tricks for your Nintendo 3DS. Be entertained and stunned viewing classic card tricks and optical illusions in 3D, in the palm of your hand.

    The 2D and 3D content will not stop there; in the near future Nintendo Video will be bringing you a host of additional content, including movie trailers, classical music concerts, children’s animations plus much more content, all in full 3D.

    For more information on Nintendo 3DS and SpotPass, visit the official Nintendo 3DS website at www.nintendo3ds.co.uk. For information on performing a system update, visit the Support section at support.nintendo.com