Capture your special moments when 3D video recording comes to Nintendo 3DS


7th December 2011 – Lights, Camera, Action… Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to capture 3D video, embark on new StreetPass Quests and transfer content from console to console as part of the latest Nintendo 3DS system update, which took place today.

The Nintendo 3DS system update gives Nintendo 3DS owners access to a range of new features and enhancements. This includes 3D video capture, which will allow you to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video, so you can shoot your own mini blockbuster or simply capture special family moments, all in stunning 3D. Simply perform the system update and the next time you open Nintendo 3DS Camera you'll see a new tab, showing a litle movie camera, at the top of the Touch Screen. Tap this tab, and use the red lever at the bottom right of the screen to alter your capture options, and away you go!

The Nintendo 3DS video function also features some special filming options for the more creative enthusiast! Just some of the interesting options include: the Interval Shot  feature, which allows you to record image after image in short timed intervals, producing a piece of time-lapse footage. You could, for instance, demonstrate an icicle melting or a flower blooming. There’s also the Frame Pick feature, which can be used to take many still images and join them together to create stop-motion footage, in the same way an animation is created!

New features will become available in StreetPass Mii Plaza, including new panels to exchange and collect for Puzzle Swap. You will also have the option to embark on a new StreetPass Quest, with new tools to help beat your enemies, in addition to new hats to discover and collect. 

A new challenge awaits StreetPass fans too! A geographical map is now available to complete, with each collectible section based on a location. Like a jigsaw, each time you meet a new person from each region, you gain another piece of the map. The more people you meet from a different country, the more sections of the map you’ll collect!

Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to transfer content between their Nintendo 3DS systems. Software purchased from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo eShop account funds, and save data including photographs and audio can now all be easily transferred between your Nintendo 3DS systems.

Nintendo eShop will also receive an upgrade. Users will have the option to play demo versions of select Nintendo 3DS releases, enabling players to try a game before making a purchase decision. There is also the option to conduct downloads whilst the system is in Sleep Mode, allowing multiple downloads to conveniently occur the next time users are not actively using their Nintendo 3DS.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director Marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe, said:
“We are always striving to enhance the features and functions of the Nintendo 3DS to bring new fun experiences to our fans and this upcoming system update brings some of the most exciting updates yet.” 

For more information on this system update and your Nintendo 3DS, including recent announcements, visit the official Nintendo 3DS website.