A 3D glasses-free spring ahead for all


12th April 2011 - Hot on the heels of the European launch of the Nintendo 3DS system, which launched with thirteen full-3D games on 25th March, the next few months are going to prove just as busy for 3D gaming fans!

17th June 2011 sees one of the most acclaimed instalments in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series making its way onto Nintendo 3DS. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a re-mastered version of the classic Nintendo 64 title. Originally released worldwide in 1998, the game has sold over 7.6 million copies and is considered one of the most critically acclaimed games in history.

This new edition features enhanced graphics that depict the adventures of the heroic Link in captivating detail. Fans of the series can once again help Link on his quest to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf, by exploring many dungeons, temples and using the titular ocarina to aid him on his quest - but this time all in 3D and all without the need for special glasses. The game now also takes advantage of the gyro sensor inside the Nintendo 3DS system: by physically moving the system players are enabled to explore and look around with a first-person view. This edition has been localised into 5 European languages which includes English, French, German and for the first time ever the game has also been localised into Spanish and Italian.

If you fancy some underwater action then 6th May 2011 will see the debut of Steel Diver across Europe which will bring a captivating, yet novel strategy action game to Nintendo 3DS. This game is sure to have you hooked from the start as you take control and guide your submarine through three different game modes, avoiding obstacles and dodging attacks from enemy ships. By using the built-in gyro sensor in Periscope Strike, enjoy spinning around in a swivel chair and watching the 3D horizon of the sea move with you – it really is like looking through a submarine periscope, but make sure you don’t forget to use your torpedoes to take out any enemy ships you encounter!

The Nintendo 3DS system will also be the first ever Nintendo platform to be home to an instalment of the world-famous fighting game franchise, DEAD OR ALIVE.

DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions is due for European release on 20th May 2011 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Containing over 25 playable characters, you will also be able to use the StreetPass feature to fight with AI-controlled fighters. Make enough use of this function and you will be able to unlock prize character figurines as rewards. Fans of the DEAD OR ALIVE series will be pleased to know that they can intuitively perform complex fighting combinations utilising the Touch Screen to create an exhilarating new DEAD OR ALIVE experience – all within a fully rendered 3D environment.

If you do not have a Nintendo 3DS system yet then do not fear, owners of Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL (as well as those who own a Nintendo 3DS) will be able to experience DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Reverie, as it launches across Europe on 20th May 2011, followed by the launch of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, when it becomes available later in the year on July 1st 2011.

DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Reverie is the sixth instalment in the long running Dragon Quest series; a remake of a SNES turn-based role-playing game, it has now been translated and exported out of Japan to Europe for the first time. You play a hero sent to defeat Murdaw, the Demon lord of Darkness, and will pit your battle across large mystical worlds.  Whilst travelling across the lands, explore new towns and wander through dungeons, but look out for the many enemies which will attack you without warning.  Also, look out for the Slippin’ Slime minigame, available to you in certain inns and bars in various cities you travel through. Use the Nintendo DS Touch Screen to play the slime-curling minigame and score points by sliding the stylus in front of a slime to make it change direction or go faster.

In Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, players enter a world of epic fantasy action in a role-playing game set on the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic. Take on the story of Red Savarin, an anthropomorphic dog with the ability to take a human form, as he does battle with giant robotic “mecha” and other enemies as he explores the floating islands. This engrossing quest is set amid picturesque anime graphics produced by some of the world’s leading animators and manga names.

Owners of Wii are in for a treat this year as games such as Wii Play: Motion - 12 new motion-controlled games packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus controller, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident - a hidden-object adventure game, Xenoblade Chronicles – an epic RPG adventure, and the ultimate motion-controlled adventure - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be making their way onto Wii in 2011.

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