Unravel the secrets of the sea in your own underwater world


Beneath the surface of the world’s oceans and rivers, an adventure as endless as your imagination lies in wait. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep for Wii will draw you into a sprawling underwater world where there is treasure to salvage, missions to complete and an age-old mystery to unravel.

Your story begins when you arrive in the Paoul Republic and take your place among the staff of the intrepid R&R Diving Service. Headed up by renowned ocean adventurer, Jean-Eric Rouvier, the elite exploration team will employ your skills to help clients with everything from retrieving sunken cargo to taking perfect photos of rare fish or mapping hazardous underwater terrain.

With hundreds of unique items to locate and retrieve, simply completing your Salvage Collection is an epic enough challenge in itself; but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. As you dive in six unique locations, including the rivers of South America and icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, you’ll come face to face with more than 300 different species of fish – details of which can be recorded in your Marine Encyclopedia. In some cases, reaching and identifying them will only be possible when you’ve upgraded to the latest diving equipment.


State of the art diving technology (including customisable outfits) can be bought and used for a variety of purposes, not least to avoid bringing an early end to your dive should you happen across unfriendly marine life. Sharks, piranhas and other predators lurk in the deep as well, and getting too close to them without your Pulsar will leave you in no doubt you’ve strayed out of your depth. And while the majority of time will be spent underwater, you’ll spend some time on dry land too – surfacing to accept new missions, have treasures evaluated or explore the natural world above the waves.

As your expertise grows and your story advances, not only will you earn a range of titles to reflect your diving prowess, you’ll also find yourself drawing nearer to the truth behind the mysterious Song of Dragons legend. Connected in some way to a precious pendant worn by your diving partner Océane, the legend will lead you across the world as you take centre stage in an intriguing plot and work towards the discovery of a lifetime.


One of the most visually stunning games yet to appear on Wii, Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep invites you to go deeper than ever before as you explore a vast world filled with challenge, mystery and the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Dive in and discover an adventure like no other!

Watch the trailer and find out more at the official website for Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep.

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep is in shops Friday, only for Wii.